Thursday, March 19, 2009


To aim at a bird Perched,
Is something.
To aim at another flying,
I something different.
Poetry is like aiming at a bird flying.
You also must fly.

Egoh Salem

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Niaja for life

Take me to the deepest seas
Leave me there

Take me to the mountains
Let me get lost

Take me to the forbidden jungle
Let me struggle with the wild beasts

But only a favor I ask of thee,
A map, a piece of cloth
Painted green white green
Naija for life

By: Egoh Salem
Copyright© 2009


Soon all the hide and seek will cease
Then we’ll love and relate with ease
Then we’ll never have to hide to kiss
And I’ll never have your lips to miss.

I quite understand your fears for now
Not to worry, those will soon all bow
So soon that you’ll in awe wonder how
I’ll make it happen. That’s a vow.

Now we might have great obstacles
All those will soon be bound in shackles
‘Cos at the working of love’s miracle
We’ll have no more problems to tackle.

Then we’ll ride away as on love’s horse
And no one would dare try to stop us
We’ll break through all barriers and doors
‘Cos we would have won all our wars.

By: Gbenga Olowosile

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Forcing the Pace …

It’s dawn without a switch
Never jealous of, but vexed at the rich.
In the mirror, I see my face
with anguish causing it to deface
Keeping the pace is no news
Let’s face it, situations-
sure can stand the pace
always up with a lark to show my pace, yet-
it's unhinging relic creates funeral panic.

The pace of life and change is very fast and fierce
while steady pace lays the poor.

Call it the end time
war and riots,
with a sister in between, Terra
resulting in the release of delta forces.
Gale forces merging into hurricanes
Amateur teenage girls turning mothers,
bearing like birds, mostly premature.
What more can I say
but for you to fill out the space....
Dull my lines
But let it be dawned on you.
It's crystal clear,
Forcing the pace is our trademark.

by Thompson Oyonmi
copyright(c) 2009

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Black mind

The white man took away our sculptures,
and not our talent
They took away the wares
and not the market

The white man stole our fathers
and not our sons
They took the sky,
but not the sun

They took the fire
yet it still burns
They even took our demons,
and scared our deaths with guns
Our fathers were exchanged for rhy
Now the black race can no longer die

Here i stand with my sackcloths
Even if i am stripped naked,
My black skin remains
It is not the skin
It is the mind

By;Egoh Salem

The Epitaph

I vividly remember
It was on the twenty fifth of October
On a bright Saturday morning
When the sun had just started shinning

Two friends came to Lekki beach
How I wish………………………
They played soccer and swam on the sea shore
They had fun and begged for more
Soon the waves came and took one away
His friend confused with nothing to say

His friend tried to rescue
Only if he had a clue…………………..
His friend went after
But they both drowned thereafter
They only came to have fun
But they will never see the sun

He only wanted to help his friend
But today they met their end
On Sunday morning the sea brought back one body
Everybody crying, friends and family
His body was laid to the ground
By the shore on the white sand
Now their souls rest in peace
We’ll always feel them like the breeze

By;Egoh Salem
copyright (C)2009

Thursday, February 5, 2009


He gives me direction
He gives me protection
I have nothing to fear
Because He’s always near

He’s my strong defense
And a rock of offense
He fights my every battle
And I never ever get rattled

He’s the God of the universe
Created the moon and stars
The sun and the seas
The mountains and trees

He’s the God of all creation
Present in every location
The King of Kings
To him, every angel sings

For me, He sent his Son
Now I have a new dawn
He’s forgiven my trespasses
And healed all my diseases

My times are in His hands
His wish is my command
I want to always do his will
And for his wish I need zeal

Lord I am no one without you
You Lord are just and true
Help me do what you desire
And rekindle in me the holy fire

POEMS- Gbenga Olowosile