Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Epitaph

I vividly remember
It was on the twenty fifth of October
On a bright Saturday morning
When the sun had just started shinning

Two friends came to Lekki beach
How I wish………………………
They played soccer and swam on the sea shore
They had fun and begged for more
Soon the waves came and took one away
His friend confused with nothing to say

His friend tried to rescue
Only if he had a clue…………………..
His friend went after
But they both drowned thereafter
They only came to have fun
But they will never see the sun

He only wanted to help his friend
But today they met their end
On Sunday morning the sea brought back one body
Everybody crying, friends and family
His body was laid to the ground
By the shore on the white sand
Now their souls rest in peace
We’ll always feel them like the breeze

By;Egoh Salem
copyright (C)2009

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