Saturday, February 14, 2009

Forcing the Pace …

It’s dawn without a switch
Never jealous of, but vexed at the rich.
In the mirror, I see my face
with anguish causing it to deface
Keeping the pace is no news
Let’s face it, situations-
sure can stand the pace
always up with a lark to show my pace, yet-
it's unhinging relic creates funeral panic.

The pace of life and change is very fast and fierce
while steady pace lays the poor.

Call it the end time
war and riots,
with a sister in between, Terra
resulting in the release of delta forces.
Gale forces merging into hurricanes
Amateur teenage girls turning mothers,
bearing like birds, mostly premature.
What more can I say
but for you to fill out the space....
Dull my lines
But let it be dawned on you.
It's crystal clear,
Forcing the pace is our trademark.

by Thompson Oyonmi
copyright(c) 2009

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