Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Soon all the hide and seek will cease
Then we’ll love and relate with ease
Then we’ll never have to hide to kiss
And I’ll never have your lips to miss.

I quite understand your fears for now
Not to worry, those will soon all bow
So soon that you’ll in awe wonder how
I’ll make it happen. That’s a vow.

Now we might have great obstacles
All those will soon be bound in shackles
‘Cos at the working of love’s miracle
We’ll have no more problems to tackle.

Then we’ll ride away as on love’s horse
And no one would dare try to stop us
We’ll break through all barriers and doors
‘Cos we would have won all our wars.

By: Gbenga Olowosile

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  1. Omo Oba, ki lo de? Na waaaaa ohhh.

    * * *
    Mii komment has bin safed, hand will be fiisible after di owner appruvaal.