Thursday, February 5, 2009


He gives me direction
He gives me protection
I have nothing to fear
Because He’s always near

He’s my strong defense
And a rock of offense
He fights my every battle
And I never ever get rattled

He’s the God of the universe
Created the moon and stars
The sun and the seas
The mountains and trees

He’s the God of all creation
Present in every location
The King of Kings
To him, every angel sings

For me, He sent his Son
Now I have a new dawn
He’s forgiven my trespasses
And healed all my diseases

My times are in His hands
His wish is my command
I want to always do his will
And for his wish I need zeal

Lord I am no one without you
You Lord are just and true
Help me do what you desire
And rekindle in me the holy fire

POEMS- Gbenga Olowosile

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